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9/11 - The Start of the War On Truth




By Danish Scientist, Henrik Melvang

Part 1     (Go to: Part 2)


(2008 Note: Over 1 million citizens have violently lost their lives in Iraq. Perhaps even more in Afghanistan) - Written in late 2002: PLEASE SEND THIS INFORMATION EVERYWHERE - AND ASK PEOPLE TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT - NOW - OR, AS CITIZENS OF THE USA OR UK, WE WILL BE PARTLY RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT HAPPENS NEXT.  I have tidied up Henrik's use of English a little, but his English is much, much better than my Danish. Michael Irving, World-Action, 2002


In April 2002, the Danish author and scientist Henrik Melvang

released his NEW video documentary in Denmark

The video is 4 hours long and it's original title in Danish is:
"Bomberne som Forsvandt".  (NWO doc. 1:4) (Part 1)
Translated title: "The Bombs Which Disappeared Part 1
Or: "The Vanishing WTC Bombs of Sept. 11 Part 1

The controversial "video title" above, refers to the numerous bombs which were detonated on Sept. 11, 2001 and which caused the collapse of both WTC Twin-towers and the Pentagon west section. But the title also indicates that these named "bombs inside" were almost forgotten by the Worlds News medias, only 5-10 hours after the "terror event" took place.


On Sept. 12, nobody in the medias reported about these bombs anymore, or seemed to care about the existence of these huge bombs since almost everyone had already bought into the phony and pre-arranged, pre-staged and pre-scripted:


"Bin Laden, Al-Queda, Airplane-Coverup, STORY"

- With photos of 19 Arabs, and the phony Atta-Jihad- Suicide letter, etc.

Some people may have some difficulties in understanding WHY these "bombs inside" are so important - in order to understand the secret agenda behind the terror events of Sept. 11 (and our modern world in general). That is why, I recommend my coming 16 hours of videos concerning this very issue. ('Part 1' will be a good start).


If you want to order the 4 hours video now, then please send me an email. If you want to READ MORE about it all (before ordering the video) - More ENGLISH TEXT BELOW:



The collapse of the WTC and Pentagon was not caused by the plane crash and the fire inside. Why do they deny the fact?  The FBI and CIA officially deny there were several bombs detonated inside the buildings.


1) If they admit the existence of all these huge bombs, they can no longer maintain the "Jihad Matrix" as the convenient scapegoat theory.


The "idea of an enemy" can no longer be solely personificated in the names of "Mohammed Atta" and "Bin (Frankenstein) Laden" as the "Enemy from outside" ("Al-Queda"). People would soon realize that the real enemy, is not from "outside" - but instead an: "Enemy Within". If they admit that there were bombs placed inside WTC, and that it was these huge bombs which caused the collapse of the twin-towers - they also admit that THEY ....... (FBI and CIA) ....... were INVOLVED. Because no one would believe that Bin Laden and the Al-Queda would be able to place so many bombs inside the heavy guarded WTC complex.


Also people would soon realize that the Al-Queda network would not have spent so many resources in the hijacking of 4 or more airplanes, if they had already placed several bombs inside the WTC and Pentagon. The tremendous logistics involved in the hijacking of the airplanes, and the high risk of a total failure of such an airplane terror attack, would make no sense at all, if Bin Laden's Al-Queda Network had already placed several high level explosives inside the entire WTC complex.


So seen from this point of view alone - any theories of an Al-Queda involvement concerning the "bombs inside" must be completely abandoned. The Al-Queda network and similar organisations would always be able to hijack an airplane now and then, and this could probably be done everywhere in the world in the future also. But they would never be able to co-ordinate the hijacking of 4 or more planes for over an hour, and by no means could they have placed so many bombs inside the WTC unless the FBI/CIA were fully involved in the plot.


Consequently the "5th. Column of the FBI/CIA" (or other secret task forces) must have been involved in the detonation of all these bombs. These secret groups which are used and paid for by the "elite" are responsible of more than 80% of the total death toll, which again mean, that they are FULLY responsible of everything which happened on Sept. 11, 2001 (and what took place in the days before the attack).

2) All the numerous intelligence organization around the world have been infiltrated by the "illuminati" and the "freemasons" for the past 300 years or more.


This conspiracy is not an american conspiracy - it is an international conspiracy with an international political and esoteric goal. The secret international masonic agenda: NWO! (Latin: "Novus Ordo Seclorum" = "New World Order" (NWO))


There is no intelligence organization in the world which has not been subject to the "masonic double state inside the State matrix". "The masonic mandate is: INFILTRATION!" (Harvard Prof. Gail Riplinger in her book "New Age Bible Verses").


And you name it - there is in world history NO exception from this very principle!


Take a look at the most famous Intelligence Organizations in the world: FBI / CIA / IRS / NSA / Secret Service / FEMA / MI5 / MI6 /Scotland Yard / Mossad and the KGB etc... - They were all infiltrated by a "5th. column" from the very first day they were founded.


Since FBI/CIA have the general supervision and jurisdiction concerning "Terrorism", they are obviously to be blamed if they fail to detect this "enemy within" (year after year). Also they are guilty of a "Joint-Terror-Conspiracy" if they had fore-knowledge of the terror event. Omission is just as bad as commision.


On Sept. 11, 2001 - it became evident that FBI/CIA did nothing to prevent the Al-Queda and Osama Bin Laden's network from doing what they had in mind. Four or more planes were allowed to fly freely around in the airspace of Washington and New York - for HOURS without any kind of Counterattack. This is clear evidence of a joint conspiracy.


Basically the Al-Queda Network is controlled by foreign intelligence. Bin Laden is a mediocre mind, who may see himself as an Islamic freedom fighter, but who was in reality unable to discover the huge number of "Agent provocateurs" and "Double agents" which infiltrated his famous "Al-Queda organization" - more than 10 years ago. The "Taliban rule" was also a creation of the foreign intelligence network, which was set up in order to establish a "scapegoat campus" for the future terrorist attacks.






Most of the Ordinary FBI/CIA employees are not a part of this conspiracy. But they will become guilty of high crimes if they participate in the corruption of evidence.


Since Sept. 11 there has been no real investigation of the "crime scenes" at all. All the steel from WTC and the Pentagon contained an enormous amount of evidence.


This "mountain of evidence" should be investigated, but only very little has been analysed. If real bomb experts had a change to analyse the steel and concrete, they would discover several "Bomb marks" from high explosives. As a matter of fact some experts have already reported about this. That is why the FBI decided to make a "total demolition" of all the "Crime scenes" so fast after the attack.


Most of the steel from the WTC complex was never analysed before it was driven away and recycled (melted).


(PS: In Washington there has already been held a "crisis meeting" (hearing) in March 2002 in order to file an official complaint about this "corruption of evidence". The FBI are not allowed to melt any part of the steel from WTC, since it is a part of the important LEGAL evidence).


Also the Pentagon crime scene was corrupted. Only few months after the attack the entire west section of Pentagon was rebuilt, and in the meantime the rubble was corrupted - so that no-one had a chance to examine the evidence of the Bomb explosions inside the Pentagon. (The "fast demolition pattern" of the FBI continues in the footsteps of WACO 1993 and OKLAHOMA 1995)


Several Bombs INSIDE the Pentagon

The phony FBI theory of "Flight 77" is a FICTION!


The official FBI explanation concerning the Pentagon attack contains a "phony story" about a Boeing 757 crashing down into the Pentagon Buildings westside.


The wingspan of a Boeing 757 is circa 40 meters. And such a huge plane could not have flown in from the west and penetrated the west facade - WITHOUT first having broken several of the numerous amount of Light Poles and Traffic Signs which were surrounding the Pentagons west side. But these light poles were left unharmed. (Check out the pictures for yourself).


This means in plain english: There was no Boeing 757 which crashed down into the Pentagon on Sept. 11.


Had this been the case, there would also have been a much bigger hole in the west facade of Pentagon. And what happened to the wings of the Boeing? Did they enter the small hole or did they disappear outside the facade ?


No debris from a plane crash was visible outside the Pentagon - obviously there was NO plane crash!


And what about the TWO huge Engines of the Boeing 757? Did the engines penetrate the facade of Pentagon, and if so - what happened to the penetration holes of these TWO Boeing Engines?  NO Holes are visible on any of the live pictures.


And what actually happened to the TWO Boeing Engines?


The Fire-fighters who entered the burning Pentagon building saw NO debris ..... and found NO Engines inside the Pentagon building.  (Yet the FBI still claim they found the TWO Black Boxes!? Evidently the FBI is prepared to do everything to corrupt any of the involved crime scenes).


Also the remaining walls in the attacked part of the burning Pentagon were destroyed only few hours after the attack. This destruction was made by a huge demolition Crane. The official explanation of this intervention with a demolition Crane, was that they feared that the building was unstable and that the roof may soon have collapsed. The truth however is that this was a "coverup-story".

The real reason for using this Crane was that they could not promote the myth of a BOEING Plane Crash at Pentagon, if there was NO BIG HOLE in the Facade of the Pentagon Building. That is why they used the demolition Crane in order to make the hole in the Facade look bigger.


The original holes in Pentagon were caused by the exploding bombs (and/or a Helicopter). But the size of these penetration holes were not big enough to convince the public that Pentagon was struck by a Boeing 757. That is why they used the Crane to enlarge the penetration hole in the Pentagon's west-Facade.


After an hour a 10 meter big opening Gap, could be exposed in front of the Worlds News medias. Before this took place the Press was asked not to take pictures from certain angles. If you recall the first hours on Sept. 11 - you will remember that we saw only long distance photos/film of a distant burning Pentagon Building. (NO close-ups were allowed)


Many from the Press complained about this, and asked themselves:

What is it that they are trying to hide from us?


The 10 meter big hole in the Pentagon facade was made to help promote the phony "Boeing Plane Crash Myth" of "Flight 77", which the FBI claimed had crashed down into the Pentagon on Sept 11.


The FBI and the "Illuminati Shadow Government" wish to link the Pentagon Attack to "Flight 77" and then afterwards sell us the "decoy-theory" of the "19 Arab Hijackers". But the Official FBI history of the identity of the 19 Arabs, as promoted by the FBI on Sept, 14, 2001 - has been proven wrong several times since then. (That is why FBI decided to remove the Faces and Names of all these 19 Arab Hijackers from their FBI website.  Note: The "FBI 19 Arabs link" is no longer available. Try it out for yourself).


Go to: http://www.fbi.gov (and "Search" for the Sept. 14, 2001 Press Release about "Hijackers/Images")


The first Official reports of the Pentagon Attack was that something "Unidentified" had struck Pentagon at circa 9:30 (Washington Local time). As a matter of fact this Official theory of an "Unidentified Plane" crashing at circa 9:30 was presented by most of the big Newspapers here in Denmark (Europe) on September 12, 2001. Some other papers said circa 9:45 , but in general most Newspapers said 9.30.  Later on Sept 13 - the FBI changed all this. Also the route of "Flight 77" was changed.


On Sept. 12 all the Danish Newspapers reported that "Flight 77" flew from Washington "Dulles" to New York and crashed into TOWER 2 (the 2WTC "Southtower") at circa 9:03 (New York local time)


But the next day all this had suddenly changed. WHY???


On Sept. 13-14 the FBI explained that "Flight 77" did not fly to New York, but had hit the Pentagon instead. Then they also changed the time from 9:30 to 9:43 (or 9:45). Obviously the factual and correct "Pentagon time" 9:30 - is very important! Several Eyewitnesses confirmed that they saw "Smoke from Pentagon" at circa 9:30. And if there is smoke.... there is also...... Fire!


The FBI's claim about 9:45 was made to link the Pentagon Attack to Flight 77.


But as I said before people had already seen FIRE and Smoke at 9:30.


On Sept. 11, the (now present) Danish Foreign Minister Mr. Per Stig Møller was in Washington, and was therefore interviewed by "Denmarks Radio" DR "P3" early in the morning at circa 7:30 on Sept. 12. And he explained that he had seen a big cloud of "FIRE" and "SMOKE" from the Pentagon at circa. 9:32 (local time)


Mr. Per Stig Møller also explained in the Danish Radio, that he had said to his friends after he saw the smoke, I quote: "I think that there has been a Bomb detonated at the Pentagon!"  (Nobody believed that in the minute he said it, but later they also saw the clouds of smoke rising up from the Pentagon)


This testimony of Mr. Per Stig Møller - along with thousands of others eyewitnesses who did experience, or must have experienced the same scenario - puts the "FBI cover up story" - in a very bad light.


TERROR BOMBS inside The World Trade Center
(WTC, Lower Manhattan, New York, USA)


Special BOMB Testimony presented in my video:


Watch the eyewitness testimony of more than 10 eyewitnesses who report that they experienced SEVERAL bombs INSIDE the WTC. Listen to the businessman, who came out on the street and explained that a huge bomb was detonated at Floor level 8 - inside the WTC tower. Also watch the policeman as he explains that they were buried twice by concrete inside the towers before any of the Twin-Towers had collapsed. (This is clear evidence of huge Bombs detonated inside and before collapse)


Several bombs were detonated inside and under the WTC-complex before all of the SEVEN WTC-building later collapsed.


Both the WTC Twintowers were exposed to heavy bombs being detonated inside and below - before the Towers fell down. Several Bomb explosions were taking place INSIDE the WTC and Bombs were detonated far below the Towers Crash level and these Demolition Bombs can be seen on certain and selected live TV pictures of the WTC Tower collapses.


But in general the News medias that controlled the flow of video transmissions on Sept. 11 (and in the days that followed) - have tried to CENSOR most of the video clips of the WTC Tower collapse. (Manipulated video editing gives evidence of all this). On my video I will present evidence of both "TV Picture Censorship" and "Sound Track Censorship".


The "Live TV Picture Censorship" was

conducted in the following manner:


1) The original Video clips of both Tower Collapses were NOT always shown in its entire length.


A) The Video Clips were mostly edited so that they showed an already BEGUN video fraction of the Tower collapse. The Video Clips should also have included the seconds just BEFORE the Towers began to fall (but these important seconds just prior to the fall of the Top of the WTC - were rarely shown. Less than 1% of the average tower scenes would include this). This censorship was made to prevent a "sound exposure" from the original bombs being detonated in the seconds prior to the start of the collapse of the WTC Roof-top.  (Read more about the "SOUND censorship" below)


B) Video Clips of the falling Towers were often edited in a manner that prevented the TV viewers in getting the "Full picture" of the entire tower collapse. We must assume that more than 1000 different video cameras were aimed at the WTC twintowers at ANY time. Some of these video cameras may have "Zoomed in" on certain areas of the falling Towers - while other cameras did not zoom in, but kept on recording in a "wide-angle" and "long distance horizontal position". Since we know that many of the big TV stations had several long distance cameras aimed at the WTC Twintowers at any time, it is very difficult to understand why we have seen only very few video-clips from these long distance camera shots. On the other hand the answer is very simple. These long distance shots give a "FULL Picture" of what happened to the entire FACADE of the falling towers.


During my 1000 hours of video investigation I have found only very few of such "Full picture long distance shots", which showed the entire tower (from top to bottom). Most of the video-clips we saw on Sept. 11 (and in the weeks that followed) would be edited versions, which presented a "video-mix" of several types of camera angels/zooms/and close up/mixed long distance etc.


Such bad editing however does not give a "Full picture" of the pattern of the falling Twintowers. I have seen several News-blocks which repeated the same "Video-mix" again and again - without ever giving the "Full Picture" of what happened to the Towers.

Typically this is what happened in the general video editing .... (An Example of the average "Video TOWER Mix"):


FIRST they will show a "Zoomed in close up photo" of the collapsing TOP of the falling tower . (No Exploding Bombs are visible on such video clips since the entire WTC facade is not shown) In the NEXT video clip they will show a short duration long distance video clip of the entire Tower facade.


(No Exploding Bombs are visible on such short video clips - since the short duration of this video clip did not show any bombs)


In the FOLLOWING clip they will again "Zoom in" and show a "Close-Up" of the "falling debris". We will see a close up of steel and concrete and dust falling down.  (No Exploding Bombs are visible on such close-ups of falling debris and dust since NO pictures are shown of the part of the Tower FACADE below. The part of the WTC facade which have not yet collapsed are not shown in this video clip).


FINALLY they will "Zoom Out" and give you a long distance view of the collapsing tower, but this "Zoom Out" will happen at a time where the bombs have long exploded, and the entire scene is just covered up in dust clouds and falling debris.  (No Exploding Bombs are visible on this last video clip - since it is all over!)



You may say that you have seen some TV Transmissions, which did not edit the "Tower Scene" in this manner. This is true, and in my video I will show some of these few TV Transmissions, which actually did give us a chance to follow the entire WTC facade, as it collapsed from the TOP to the Bottom. But in general most TV stations did not show the ENTIRE WTC Tower facade during the ENTIRE duration of the Tower Collapse.


As I said before I have seen many different TV stations video versions of the "Tower collapse", but in general 99% of the TOTAL AIRING of the Tower scenes did not give any evidence of the numerous "clouds" from EXPLODING Bombs "popping out of the windows" of the WTC facade far below the crash level of the collapsing tower.


This high number of 99% (of the total airplay) does make an important difference for the average viewer who had no knowledge of a conspiracy. The effect of TV is basically "exposure". But in reality the Tower Scene should have been edited in a much different manner - if we look at the "Photographic nature of the Tower scene".


Usually when the TV News medias shows a controlled demolition of a building anywhere in the world, they NEVER forget to give the TV audience the "Full Picture" of the scene. They always give us a "Long Distance shot of the entire Tower scene".  They may show us some "Zoomed in details" also, but they will never miss the opportunity to show you the "full picture" of the entire fall of the tower (or building).


Every year the TV News medias show us such demolition scenes of various buildings. I have never seen a TV Transmission which  did not give the "Full Picture"  -  have you?


The "Photographic nature of the Scene" would call for a "Wide angle view" - so that the TV audience can see the tower falling in it's full length. But the Tower event of "September 11" turned out to be different! And this was not because the long distance cameras were not in place to shoot the "Horizontal Long-distance Tower Scenes".


Never in recorded World history had so many long distance cameras focused on the very same subject as between 9:00 AM and 10:30? on Sept. 11, 2001.


Why then is the obvious long-distance shoot of the WTC

collapse so badly represented in the TV Transmissions?


It totally contradicts the nature of the Tower Scene - does it not!?  The answer to this question is obvious: Someone in the "editing rooms" did not want to give us the "Full Picture"!

C) Commercial video censorship of  various "amateurs recordings"???


We know that several video amateurs must have taken several good pictures from various angles and various Tower scenes. But did we ever get to see their video coverage?

....... in its ENTIRE LENGTH.......... and with ORIGINAL SOUND!?


On Sept. 11 (and in the days that followed) many video amateurs SOLD their video clips to the big News agencies and huge TV stations. This again mean that the "entire video editing process" were now in the hands of the "Big Government". If someone wished to conspire on Sept. 11 - they had a perfect chance to do it in the "editing process" of the crucial video EVIDENCE which was now left at their disposal. The BIG News medias fully controlled the TV flow in the days after Sept. 11.

But some crucial BOMB video evidence did in fact get out! 


In my video I will show you 5 significant "DUST CLOUDS"

from Demolition Bombs exploding INSIDE the WTC Towers

These "Bomb Clouds" were located circa 20 and 40 levels BELOW the "Crash-level" of the falling Towers. This mean that they are not just "dusty air clouds", being pressed OUT by the weight of the collapsing floors. No, the "Clouds" of these detonations are LOCATED so many levels BELOW the "factual Crash level" of the Tower, at the time they are "Visibly Exposed" on the video clip, that they give full evidence of a Distinct Demolition Bomb being exploded FAR BELOW the "Crash-Point-level".


Certain video-clips give full evidence that distinct Bomb-explosions took place more than 100 meter BELOW the "Crash-Point-level" .....


Go to: Part 2








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