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9/11 - The Start of the War On Truth




By Danish Scientist, Henrik Melvang

Part 2     (Go to: Part 1)

In April 2002, the Danish author and scientist Henrik Melvang

released his NEW video documentary in Denmark

The video is 4 hours long and it's original title in Danish is:
"Bomberne som Forsvandt".  (NWO doc. 1:4) (Part 1)
Translated title: "The Bombs Which Disappeared"  Part 1
Or: "The Vanishing WTC Bombs of Sept. 11 Part 1


Certain video-clips give full evidence that distinct Bomb-explosions took place more than 100 meter BELOW the "Crash-Point-level"


When I say "Crash Point Level" I mean the highest place where the "Static Structure of the TOWER" is still intact during the Tower collapses - at any time. The WTC Tower collapses from the top roof and continues collapsing until it reaches the Ground level. The factual level (height) of the part of the Tower which are still intact during the Tower collapse can be measured in meters (at any time), but one must be very careful.


One should NOT confuse the height of the falling debris falling OUTSIDE the Tower Facade - with the height of the "Crash Point Level".  At the beginning of the Tower collapse these heights are identical. But after a few seconds the "Outside debris" would have fallen much faster and travelled a much longer distance - than the "Factual Crash Point Level" of the WTC Towers Tube structure would have reached at the same time. The "outside debris" are in a "Free-fall" situation - whereas the "Tube structure and the inner structures" are still exposed to a "composite event".

The Tower in general is not in "free-fall"! This is important - since this should be taken into account when one try to see through the dust and estimate at what particular floor level the collapse had reached at a given time.



Let me give you an example from the video clip I will present in my video:


When I see a "distinct bomb cloud" being "pushed out" far below the "Crash level" - I will "Pause-stop" my VCR. I will then measure the distance in meters from the "Bomb Cloud" - to the level of the "Outside Debris" in its "Free-fall position". If we say that this is 80 meters in distance - I will then add an estimated distance of circa 25 meters, assuming that a certain part of the Tower is still standing even though it is not visible to your eye because of the dust screen created by the "outside debris".


But no matter what "collapse theory" you may believe in - and no matter how many floor levels you chose to count in or omit - it is a fact that these video clips gives evidence of several incidents of distinct bomb clouds being pushed out many floors below the level of the collapsing part of the Tower. Watch the video clips and you will see that the evidence is there! Also the static of a strong "Steel-Tube-Tower" construction as the World Trade Center - would by no means collapse in such a "Pancake collapse" manner - as was the case on Sept. 11, 2001. Remember, that almost every single "Bomb expert" in the world explained to the News medias on Sept. 11 - that there must have been several additional bombs placed inside the WTC.

On Sept. 12, numerous of Newspapers quoted several of such "Bomb Experts" and "Building Engineers" who admitted that several "ADDITIONAL Bombs" must have been placed and detonated inside or under the WTC complex. The Airplanes and the Fire alone would not cause such a complete demolition leaving almost nothing of the Towers standing.




On Sept. 12 , the Danish "Bomb expert" Mr. Bent Lund said to the Daily (Copenhagen) Newspaper "BT" - "that an estimated amount of circa 1 ton of "Extra high-explosives Bombs must have been detonated inside the World Trade Center complex in order to make the Towers collapse in the manner they did."


Then on Sept. 13, and in the weeks that followed, something "Psychological" began to happen. And many of the so called "Experts" began to CHANGE their original and Scientific Explanation concerning the CAUSE of the Tower Collapse.


A period of "Psychological Rationalizing" began to enter the minds of many individuals. Suddenly the "experts" began to speculate in a more "Logical and Political explanation" to the Towers Collapse.


But science is NOT politics!


The Twintowers are constructed of steel - They have No ears - They have No brains . Put another way: The Twintowers do not understand a political explanation - nor would they react to political statements. The only language they understand is the language of "Natural Science". The Twintowers did not feel, that the names of Bin Laden or Mohammed Atta etc....... had any significance at all.


The Twintowers never knew anything about the fact that "Islamic jihad" had been heavy marketed as the ultimate "Terror-scapegoat" to be feared in the West - since the first attack on the WTC in 1993. The Twintowers never asked themselves: "What would be the most logical explanation to our fall?" But the "Public Opinion" and the "News medias" reacts in a much different way. They want to present a "Logical explanation".


And what is "logical"??? ........ " LOGIC " is a very dangerous word! The "Bin Laden Scapegoating" was well marketed before the Sept. 11 tragedy. So basically it was very easy to sell the world the story about the "Wicked Islamic Bin Laden Terrorist" as being the "Sole Mastermind" of the entire terror attack.


Who else could possible benefit from this ? (some people asked with a "cocksure attitude" as if they had totally forgotten the concepts of "macro-politics" - or simply forgotten the past "World History" in general).


The truth is that MANY "other types of people" would BENEFIT from this! (And their name is not Bin Laden)


As a matter of fact Bin Laden and the Al-Queda Network (including the Taliban and Afghanistan) were the real LOSERS of all this. On the other hand the "Financial Elite" did really benefit from the "Sept. 11 Tragedy". The Global NWO Elitists had "Golden Days" in the weeks and months after the Tragedy - as they saw their secret political agenda unfold itself in rapid speed in all Countries, USA NATO, UN, and EU, etc......


Many "Scientists" and "Other Experts" are also victims of this brainwashed concept of "Political Logic" - which always speaks about the "outside enemy", but never wish to look itself in the eyes and admit the existence of the "enemy within".


I know that many "Scientists" and "Bomb Experts" have SUBSTITUTED their original and scientific explanation - with a more polite and political correct expounding of what caused the Twintowers fall.


In the evening of Sept. 11 many Scientist and Engineers began speculating on the Scientific causes of the Tower Collapses. But they also speculated in a "logical political understanding" of the "Nature of the terror elements" in this world.




They asked a very simple question:


If Bin Laden had already placed several Bombs inside the WTC complex - why would he then risk the hijacking of 4 Airplanes? Why would Bin Laden and the Al-Queda Network spend any resources and logistics on the Hijacking - if they had already placed several Bombs inside the WTC?


The Scientist would now become a victim of his own psychology and make the traditional scholastic and manipulated political error-conclusion, that:  There were NO bombs inside the WTC!


(Even though his Scientific brain had just convinced him that there were Several Bombs inside - he now chose to neglect this and fell for the more comforting thought: That there was No bombs inside! And that it was only Bin Laden and Nobody else !)


But the truth is, that a "Third Party/5th. Column and their Secret TASK FORCE" detonated all the many Bombs inside WTC.




2) Evidence of Corruption of Original Video SOUNDTRACK (of WTC Tower  Collapse). In my video I will give evidence that also the ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK which was shown on TV had been manipulated in many critical scenes related to the WTC Towers Collapse. I'm convinced that this SOUND TRACK manipulation was made in order to cover up the TRUE SOUND of the "EXPLODING BOMBS" inside WTC.


A) The Video clips were often edited in a manner which did not include the SECONDS PRIOR to the Tower Collapse.


Sound travels at a speed of circa 300 meters in a second. Had the original sound been played and shown on TV, then the TV viewers would have been able to calculate the distance and speed, and then afterwards concluded that it must have been EXPLODING BOMBS that were giving the loud noise, because the BOMB SOUND could be heard BEFORE the Tower collapse had visually begun.


B) Also I will show evidence that "Distorted Noise" from the "street" and loud noises from "Car Horns and Police Sirens" were later ADDED to the sound track of the "Tower Scenes" - so that no TV viewer could hear the loud noise from the Bombs exploding inside the Buildings.


I will present several perfect video clips from both "american TV", "Danish TV" and the "German TV" - which gives evidence that "distorted Sound PARTS", that did NOT belong to the "Tower Collapse-scenes" - were in fact PLAYED along with these video clips in order to CORRUPT the original sound of the factual "Tower event".

I can be totally sure of all this since I have detected a special Police car's very specific "Horn and Siren" SOUND - and that this particular "SOUND Bite" was PLAYED along with BOTH the Collapse of the "North Tower" but also several hours later when the "7 WTC Building" fell down (later on the afternoon).


In reality such a "repetition" of one particular sound bite - several hours later - would be statistical impossible! FACT: It NEVER took place in reality! So the ONLY explanation to this scenario is very simple:

The video "Tower SoundTrack" was MANIPULATED!


(and all this was done in order to hide the True soundtrack

of the Bombs being detonated just prior to the collapse)





Let me mention a few of them here:


MYSTERIOUS BOEING 747 JUMBO JET - seen in Washington:

A "Mysterious Boeing 747 Jumbo jet" was shown on TV as it flew in the sky above Washington on Sept 11. This special Boeing Air-plane had 4 engines (we can therefore be certain that it was a Boeing 747). In my video I will show a picture of this mysterious Boeing 747.


It was shown several times on TV from Sept. 11 - and in the weeks that followed. I have seen video clips of this particular Boeing 747 on both Danish and German TV. The video clip with the Boeing 747 was typically accompanied with the following narration:

"Later that morning in Washington,.... ANOTHER airplane caused panic...."  (the picture of the Boeing with 4 engines was then shown)..... Narrator: "But it disappeared from the sky over Washington and later crashed down in Pennsylvania."   (Source: "SAT 1" German TV)


Some reporters said that this Boeing 747 later crashed down in Pennsylvania!?
But the Pennsylvania plane "Flight 93" was a Boeing 757 and had ONLY 2 engines and not 4 engines - how do you explain this !!!?

As a matter of fact - according to the Official FBI explanation - all the four involved Boeing airplanes on Sept. 11 - had ONLY 2 engines. They were either Boeing 757 or 767 (which only have 2 engines). So the FBI have some problem here!




In my video I will show TV Transmissions which made a complete "Flight path diagram" of this Boeing 747 (Chicago plane).  But what happened to this "Chicago airplane"?




And the Pittsburgh Plane Crash (Flight "93"?) is also filled with inconsistencies. Numerous local citizens reported that they saw smoke from the plane long before crash-down.


On Sept. 11 the German TV (SAT1 and RTL) also reported that "Flight 93" was shot down by US fighters. And the crash-site in Shanksville, PA. is also mysterious.


The size of the debris were very small. (All airplanes parts were found as small tiny metal pieces only) If this was the case, how could the FBI then identify the alleged copy of a hand-written "Suicide letter from Mohammed Atta" among the debris ?


Also some eyewitnesses reported that they had found debris from the airplane as long as 8 km from the crash-site. This could indicate that something had happened to the airplane before it crashed down in Shanksville.

Not to speak of the "CNN News reports" about EIGHT airplanes being involved in the hijacking!? And some reports spoke about TWO air-planes which disappeared in the State of TEXAS!?


REMOTE-CONTROLLED HIJACKINGS?  Could it be that there were several RADIO-CONTROLLED Double Planes?


Could it be that there was one extra "Decoy plane" for every single "real DOMESTIC air-plane"?


Could it be that all the planes that crashed into buildings were in fact "radiocontrolled
decoy planes" with no passengers onboard? (and that the real planes with passengers onboard never crashed but were actually abducted to some secret locations in USA?).


Such a "Double plane scenario" may sound a little too fantastic to be true, but on the other hand the "logistics" would be much more simple if the "domestic flights" (Flight No: AA11, AA77, UA93, UA165) were not used for the terror attacks.


If they had instead used "double-planes" to hit the WTC - they would not have had the huge problem with CHANGED FLIGHT-PATHS of the four domestic planes belonging to "American Airlines" and "United Airlines".


The chance of hitting the WTC and preventing the US airforce in shooting down the "Four OUT of Route killer-planes" - would be much bigger (if they used "radio controlled double planes").


One must remember that one of the most unexplainable aspects of the "September 11 - War in the air" - was the total "Black Out" of the "US Airforce" and the "US domestic-aircontrol". In some cases a total "Blackout" of more than 45 minutes - without any NEW flight reports!?



(A "Mysterious LASER Beam" can be seen on the WTC Facade just before plane impact)


Watch my video clip of a "Mysterious LASER light beam" being pointed on the WTC Towers facade just prior to the second in which the airplane was crashing into the "South Tower" EXACTLY 5 meters below this "Mysterious LaSer Light ball".


PS: This video clip was taken by an unknown video-amateur, and shown on Danish Television "TV2", but with no comments from the Danish Newsspeaker. (They may simply not have noticed it!?)


The video clip was just used as some standard video-footage. And apparently no one took any NOTICE of the "Mysterious Light Spot" which suddenly entered the picture and "guided" the airplane in the few seconds before it hit the WTC "South Tower".


I have asked the Danish "TV2" to confirm that the video-clip is real, and that their raw-tape contain the very same "light spot". Also I have asked them to give me the name of the video-amateur who recorded this special video. But so far "TV2" Odense, Denmark - have not commented on this. However TV2 did confirm that the video clip was shown on TV2 on Sept. 19 2001, but they refused to give me the name and identity of the man who recorded the video clip of the light spot on the WTC facade. (If you have any information about the ID of this person - then please contact Henrik Melvang)


Note: I think that the said "Laser light spot?" may have been removed from the OFFICIAL "airplane impact pictures" which they showed on the various TV Stations on Sept. 11 (and in the weeks that followed). Most of the live transmissions and their video-editing process were controlled by a few TV production companies and some of the huge News agencies. The rest of the TV world became victims of this manipulated and biased political and corrupted US-broadcasting-concept.


If you look at the TV's standard videoclip version of the "impact scene on the South Tower" - you will discover that the "compressed and very grainy colour" in these videoclips - could indicate that it had in fact been run through a "PC-Photoshop Software program" BEFORE it was released on World TV.



Mysterious CAR-Bomb detonated at the "STATE DEPARTMENT" in Washington ??? Was this telegram about a CAR bomb at The State Dept. on Sept 11 a true information, or was it "disinformation" in order to cover up for some other explosion which they did not want us to hear about ???


My video contains much more than this.

Everyone who has watched it is impressed by the clear evidence presented in the video.




[2008 Note by Michael Irving: I don't know if Henrik Melvang is still offering any of his analysis on video. I have not been in communication with Henrik since 2003, latest. Severe harassment, from late 2000, made me exhausted and homeless by mid 2004; virtually friendless and homeless, I wandered the world for the next two years.]


INTERNATIONAL 4 hours Video-Version:
"The Bombs which disappeared" (Part 1) by Henrik Melvang

I have prepared a special English "short translation" and "Video index" sheet for the English audience. This "video-index" will be written in English and delivered on PAPER FORM - along with the original Pal VHS. Also you will receive an EXTRA VIDEO TAPE along with the Danish version. (You will receive TWO TAPES). The EXTRA TAPE will contain an English explanation to all the Danish passages in the video, and I will give you the latest NEW comments on the events discussed in the video. All this will be done in my best English, and I'm sure that you will be able to understand the "Empirical Evidence" presented in the entire tape (even though it was originally narrated in Danish). ATTENTION: My VHS videotapes were recorded in PAL-versions only. (NTSC is not available yet) The Price for the TWO tapes (plus paper translation) will be: EURO 65, - (PS: This is a special and very low price) (Because this price also includes "Airmail shipping" and "Registered Mail + Postal Money Payment service Fee" etc.)

If you wish to pay in ADVANCE with either a Cheque/Check or using "BANKWIRE" - then the price will be as low as only: EURO 55, - (if paid in advance). Please send your CHEQUE (in any Currency , $, etc.) to: Henrik Melvang, Box 86, 6600 Vejen, DENMARK. - or simply BANKWIRE the amount of Euro 55, to my BANK-ACCOUNT in Denmark: "BG-BANK A/S" Denmark: Reg. No: 1551 Account No: 3285704447. And I will ship the video promptly, Thank you.


The above text was written by Henrik Melvang, Denmark - on April 20, 2002. The video was recorded in Denmark by "Unmask Production", Henrik Melvang, Box 86, DK-6600 Vejen, Denmark, EU - Fax: +45-74834085  Email: melvang @ unmask.dk

http://www.unmask.dk  http://www.bombsinsidewtc.dk



Go to: Part 1



World-Action: When I first helped network Henrik Melvang's work in July 2002, by sending it to everyone in my address book and to all of the many Net groups I am in, I prefaced the mail with these paragraphs:



Since September 11th 2001, several hundred pieces of evidence have circulated most areas of the Internet which show that the attacks of September 11th last year, were completely organised by the highest levels of American government. For those who don't know - I have to tell you, you have been completely deceived.

I could have sent out... (this is going to everyone in my address book, whether they're my bank manager, doctor, whoever)... I could have sent out, literally, several hundred pieces of highly relevant information over the past nine months, but I am sending this now - by the Dane, Henrik Melvang - because it is a fairly concise overview of where a lot of the  research of evidence over the September 11th attacks has now taken us. 'Us' being several million people who have communicated largely through  the Internet over the past 9 months.

Several thousand people have just died WRONGLY in Afghanistan.

Many, many more thousands may be about to also die WRONGLY in Iraq.

The truth has to dawn on you sooner or later that the world's leading users of 'Weapons Of Mass Destruction' are the people who have taken power at the highest levels of the American Government - several decades ago - and have unleashed this power, already, all over the world, to the tune of several MILLION deaths over the past 40 years.

This is no time to hang around and be 'cool' or being cynical in the traditional British way - because matters are now getting extremely dangerous, for all of us.

I advise: be careful not to laugh at Henrik's reference to 'New World Order', or that laughter may be to your cost later. The overall name of what we're up against is not important. It is the wholesale lies, deaths and deceit which is important.

YES. I too would like to live in a world where these things are NOT happening.
But they clearly are happening. And the only way we can  achieve a sane world, is to work together, or on our own, to get these things STOPPED.
  World-Action, British Isles, 2002



Go to: Part 1


If you don't know of the large amount of REAL information on what really happened on September 11th 2001, make searches on the Internet for: '9-11' and 'Truth'








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