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 Important for the World, see: THE HUNDREDTH MONKEY



Michael Irving, World-Action: The world is having a problem waking up. An issue is needed which should annoy the heck out of just about everyone and unite us in action. 'Chemtrails' is probably that issue. People worldwide are becoming very sick.

Please pass this on to friends who are fed up with the Chemtrail poisoning.


Do you want to help start a worldwide BREAKTHROUGH on Chemtrails?


Much groundwork has been done over the past few years by large numbers of dedicated anti-Chemtrail activists; but is it now time for a small but critical breakthrough?




On Monday 10th, November, I received several mails making this type of statement: "I am ready to dedicate a few hours a week to stopping chemtrails."


(Note in 2008: WOW ... Knock yourself out! Read: "I'm willing to spend a little time each week so that I won't be killed soon by the Chemtrail spraying of deadly Bioweapons" !!!! - World-Action)


I started making the reply below, then after a phone conversation with a friend, I realised this mail needs to go out to everyone. So I turned a shortish reply note into a longer piece, and this is how it went. Please pass this idea onto people who now realise the Chemtrail spraying is getting very serious and are willing to put some effort into getting a 'public awareness' breakthrough on this subject.

Thank you. Michael, World-Action and Stop-Chemtrails, British Isles.


"I am ready to dedicate a few hours
a week to stopping chemtrails."


That's very nice of you to write and say you feel you can assist. Just before having an hour's sleep, I was muttering to anyone 'up there', "Will anyone please start listening to the ideas I put out -- please!!"


Many people have been sending information on Chemtrails to Senators and so on for a long time -- and for sure that will all help -- it, for instance, will probably help Dennis Kucinich when he makes another governmental move to have Chemtrails banned.


However, I think Spirit feels that at the moment we need a movement in public consciousness -- something real, but also at the same time, symbolic -- a 100th Monkey sort of event. The idea I keep presently getting, and I feel these repeated ideas usually come from Spirit as they do with most people, is for us to get short and clear and simple information on Chemtrails and a warning that it is probably causing huge sickness, to top/big, 'rush-hour', radio station Disc Jockeys. One or two big DJs may blurt out that ---- "Planes are flying overhead dumping huge quantities of toxic chemicals on us and are causing colossal sickness." ---- before the radio station's management has a chance to say, 'hang on, we had better research this first'.


I keep thinking of New York. If a big New York DJ announces that to 200,000 people as they are on their way to work one morning soon, it could have a big knock on effect. The cat may be out of the bag. You know, a sort of quantum point is reached where the idea of something starts to be grasped in humanity's collective consciousness / unconsciousness.


This is how I was invited on the air recently. I sent a clear and simple essay on Chemtrails to about 40 government departments and government officials. And then I felt I might as well send the same email to our local radio station, and to our main newspapers. I put the radio and media email addresses into the second and blind address boxes: the C/c and B/cc boxes.


I did not hear back from any government officials -- nothing new there. But I think the radio people were impressed with the email being mainly addressed to government. They probably felt: 'This person is serious'.


This idea of trying in this way for a critical / quantum / 
significant breakthrough, is described on these pages:

The Chemtrail data to send: STOP CHEMTRAILS

When I imagine in my mind's eye this small but significant breakthrough happening, I see it happening in morning rush-hour in New York. But maybe that is just because New York has been on my mind the past 10 days or so because of Seti posting reports of changes of people's awareness in New York. These changes in awareness are probably happening everywhere. So we should try this approach in all big cities, and see which one goes for it first. Los Angeles; San Francisco; Denver; Chicago; Dallas; Philadelphia; New York; etc. London; Manchester; Edinburgh; etc.


For newspapers I keep thinking of the film about Watergate and those two reporters - was that the New York Times, or was it a Washington DC newspaper? The only thing about newspapers is that probably every story that is written has to wait quite a few hours before appearing, and during those hours it may get cancelled by any one of a number of censoring editorial levels.


On the other hand, a radio DJ may get the information in an email or two, from us, and 20 minutes later -- after noticing out of her / his window that the sky is full of mess, and also noting that again people in his studio and station are coughing very badly -- may just blurt it out live on air, to tens of thousands of people driving to work, and to people at home making breakfast, etc.


I think some effort put into this simple plan -- trying a new radio station every week or every few days, and returning when it feels right to a radio station that you already notified -- may bring a breakthrough which somehow breaks the icing on this tricky news.


But, we must try because all breathing life is now getting very sick.

Let's try it, and see what happens.


If, say, 100 of us repeat this process of mailing to top radio stations, and the main rush-hour DJs at those stations, every few days or every week up until around Christmas, we may get a breakthrough of starting to get the spraying of toxic 'Chemtrail' chemicals into 'popular' consciousness.


If 100 people do this in America over the next month or two, and we pick a new radio station, and the occasional newspaper, we are going to start doubling up on our efforts because in a few weeks some of us will be notifying the same radio station and same DJ as someone else notified a few weeks before. And in the intervening time the DJ will have had time to notice that planes really are doing odd manoeuvres in the sky and actually are leaving a terrible mess, and the DJ may also, from the health and sickness warning we have supplied, link the mess in the skies to the sickness and bad coughs in their family and friends and in their work colleagues at the radio station.


Please pass this idea on to friends who have some time available each week and ask them if they will help us with this. Point out to them that things are getting serious. And we should use a reasonable amount of seriousness when we write or speak to radio stations and newspapers, because this is a very serious subject. Just a few weeks ago, here, in a long storm that seemed filled with chemicals, I heard of many babies being taken to hospital with breathing difficulties. Most of my friends, and myself, now have very serious coughs. Let's get to it. And keep the momentum up. Much needs changing in life, but good clean air will be a great place to start.


The Chemtrail data to send: STOP CHEMTRAILS


I have just had a thought about New York. Maybe people are a bit more aware in New York because of the terrible '9-11' situation in 2001. Maybe they are more able to grasp the unbelievable at the moment. So perhaps New York's top DJs are people to tell about the massive Chemtrail poisoning. But you follow your intuition on where you feel you should try, and see what happens, and then try again.


Keep trying


I have already heard from quite a few people who are going to start trying this.

Good wishes,  Michael Irving, World-Action and The Gathering




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