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Chemtrails Now In Sweden  (1999)

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Also see World Gathering For Truth's STOP CHEMTRAILS


Chemtrails Now In Sweden

5-16-1999 - From Rickard Öberg - rickard @ telkel.com




Just saw the blurb about chemtrails in the UK.

Interesting to see them outside of the US as well.


I saw chemtrails over here 5 days ago (and yes, I've had my first flu in 4-5 years the past 4 days) but couldn't believe my eyes at the time. The sky was clear (no clouds, very hot day) apart from 8-10 parallel chemtrails. As I was watching I saw a plane making the first trail orthogonally to the already existing ones.


I know the commercial routes, and we have a bunch of them, but not where these trails were. Also, because of the weather conditions any plane passing outside of the normal routes shouldn't have made any trails.


So, whatever the conspiracy is, it's bigger than just the US.


Add Sweden to the list.


Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures.

I most definitely will next time I see them.


Regards, Rickard

From Rickard Öberg,  rickard @ telkel.com






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Chemtrails Now In Sweden

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