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By William Thomas - 3.5.2002

http://www.willthomasonline.net  http://www.willthomas.net


Vancouver, Canada - Mar. 5, 2002…

As continuing chemtrail activity culminated in massive aerial spraying over Vancouver Island and Washington state yesterday – and broadening plumes once again fanned out to haze clear blue skies – Air Traffic Controllers at major airports across the United States expressed concern over the emissions constantly showing up on their radar screens.



"Chemtrails” is the term widely used to describe the brilliant white trails laid down by U.S. Air Force tanker planes photo-identified over North America and a dozen other allied nations in a process the U.S. Air Force calls “aerial obscuration”.


First confirmed by Airport Authority Terry Stewart at the Victoria International Airport on Dec. 8, 2000 as a “joint Canada-U.S. military operation” – and stridently denied by senior officers at Canadian Forces Base (where Stewart later told the Vancouver Courier he had received his information) – these multi-plane missions were verified in March, 2001 by the Air Traffic Control (ATC) manager for the northeastern seaboard of the United States.


In three taped interviews with this reporter and veteran radio journalist S.T. Brendt, our “Deep Sky” source said that he had been ordered to divert incoming commercial flights away from USAF tankers spraying a substance that showed up on ATC radars as a “haze”.


These radar returns are the signature of the fine aluminum particles found in laboratory tests of chemtrail-contaminated rain taken in Espanola, Ontario in the summer of 1999. The lab analysis found reflective quartz particles in the chemtrail fallout – and levels of aluminum five-times higher than Ontario’s maximum permissible health safety standards.


After Canadian government Defense Critic Gordon Earle presented a petition signed by 550 Espanola residents to Parliament in November, 1999 demanding an end to aerial spraying by “commercial or military aircraft, foreign or domestic” which appeared to be making many people sick, DND eventually replied, “It’s not us.”


The aluminum found in chemtrails over Ontario matches the 10 micron aluminum oxide called for in a 1994 patent issued to Hughes Aircraft Company. “Welsbach Seeding for Reduction of Global Warming” refers to spreading highly reflective materials in the atmosphere to reflect enough incoming sunlight (1 to 2%) to slow rapidly-accelerating global warming.


Edward Teller, father of the H-bomb, called for this billion dollar a year “sky shield” program after computer simulations at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory showed it would prevent warming over 85% of the planet’s surface despite a predicted doubling of heat-trapping C02 in the atmosphere over the next 40 years.


But Ken Caldeira – the climate expert who ran the computer model – has warned that the stratospheric spraying of sunlight-reflecting chemicals could “destroy the ozone layer” – and pose human health risks.





Starting last December, on heavy “spray days” Deep Sky began calling companion controllers across the country. Were they seeing the same thing on their ‘scopes? What were they being told?


In a fourth interview with reporter S.T. Brendt last week, Deep Sky stated that Air Traffic Controllers at Chicago’s O’Hare airport, all three major airports in New York, Los Angeles LAX, San Francisco, Atlanta, Cleveland, San Diego, Washington DC’s Dulles and Jacksonville, Florida were being ordered to route airliners beneath formations of Air Force tanker planes spraying something that regularly clouds their screens.


Several smaller but busy airports at Westchester County in New York state and Manchester in New Hampshire were also contacted by this an increasingly concerned Deep Sky - and confirmed similar experiences.


Every controller, without exception, is being told to divert traffic due to “military exercises”, and to bring in traffic lower because of experiments that may degrade their radars. The controllers at Cleveland’s airport were surprised by the extent of obscuration on their radars.




Ohio is the home of Wright-Patterson – the air force base working with electromagnetic and weather modification technology. A scientist working at Wright-Pat recently told reporter Bob Fitrakis that two different projects are being conducted.  One involves cloud creation experiments to lessen the effect of global warming. Other chemtrails are connected with the military’s extremely high-power Radio Frequency beam weapon in Alaska called HAARP.


“The scientist claims that the two most common substances being sprayed into chemtrails are aluminum oxide and barium stearate. When you see planes flying back and forth marking parallel lines, X-patterns and grids in a clear sky, that’s aluminum oxide, according to the scientist. The goal is to create an artificial sunscreen to reflect solar radiation back into space to alleviate global warming. In some cases, barium may be sprayed in a similar manner for the purpose of “high-tech 3-D radar imaging.” (Columbus Alive Dec. 6, 2001)


HR 2977


HR2977 is creating a “buzz” in the Air Traffic Control community. Introduced last October by Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich, this bill called for the peaceful uses of space, and a ban on “exotic weapons”. Section 7 of the “Space Preservation Act of 2001” sought specifically to prohibit “chemtrails”.


Kucinich recently told the Columbus Alive newspaper (Jan. 24, 2002) that despite official denials, as head of the Armed Services oversight committee he is well acquainted with  chemtrail projects. “The truth is there’s an entire program in the Department of Defense, ‘Vision for 2020,’ that’s developing these weapons,” Kucinich told reporter Bob Fitrakis. The U.S. Space Command’s 2020 vision calls for “dominance” of space, land, sea and air.


Though “section vii” naming chemtrails, HAARP and other planet-threatening weapons has since been removed in a substitute bill - “under pressure” according to Kucinich - the original bill remains intact and on-file in the congressional record.




The unusual white plumes reported by Air Canada pilots, police officers and former military personnel over Canada and the U.S. during the past three years are often contrasted by brief, pencil-thin contrails left by commercial jets flying above them.


Contrails form when water vapor clumps around dirt particles acting as nuclei. According to NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, contrails can only form at temperatures below minus 76 degrees, and humidity levels of 70 percent or more. Even in ideal conditions, contrails rarely last more than 20 minutes.


But atmospheric studies by NASA and NOAA - including TARFOX, ACE-Asia, ACE-I and II, INDOEX and Project SUCCESS - confirm that artificial clouds and contrails can be manufactured under conditions of low humidity by dispensing particles from aircraft. The smaller the size of the nuclei introduced into the atmosphere, the greater the rate of artificial cloud formation.


Controllers across the United States know from their professional training that these chemicals fall to the ground. Without exception they expressed their concern to Deep Sky about possible risks to human health, “They want to know what the heck is in there,” S.T. Brendt reported. “One of them said, ‘Aluminum or barium – that’s not something you want to be breathing.’”


Over the last few months, the controller have been told that the troubling aerial operations involve “climate experiments”. Deep Sky’s family continues to experience health problems, including his young son’s gushing nose bleeds and episodes Sudden Onset Acute Asthma in his wife.




A working journalist for more than 30 years - with writing and photography appearing in more than 50 publications in eight countries - award-winning Canadian reporter William Thomas says he is exasperated and embarrassed by his profession.


“For the past three years, newspaper editors and TV news directors have been telling me to bring them proof of chemtrails. The more evidence I present, the more they back away from this story. It was the same with Gulf War Illness and all of the unasked questions surrounding 9/11. Once again, it seems that ‘news managers’ would rather cover personalities, predictions and press releases than threats to Canadian sovereignty, the environment and the health of their communities.”


In challenging news people to cover the news, Thomas charges that simply repeating official denials while ignoring a deluge of reports from experts and eye-witnesses across North America is not good enough. “This is not journalism,” he says. “This is propaganda.”


William Thomas, Canada

http://www.willthomasonline.net  http://www.willthomas.net




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