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Part One

Link: Part Two: 'Black Triangle', Advanced Stealth Craft


By Jon King, UFO Reality magazine (UK)
File 25: Appendix 01  Case Report: Cosmic Top-X25



George Vernon's name first came to light during the media blitz immediately following Operation Blackbird. The fact that he had invented an astrology-based board game and that in the process of marketing his new game he referred to himself as 'Merlin' made him the perfect media fall guy.


The Sunday Sport, for example, reporting on the events of Operation Blackbird back in 1990, brazenly told the world that George Vernon had claimed to have made all the crop circles through the power of his mind, and that he had discovered this ability some years previously when he'd slept in a crop field near Stonehenge and had woken up to find that a circle had formed around him. The Sunday Sport also claimed that Vernon had admitted to hoaxing the Blackbird formation by 'rolling around in the corn'. It should be added that this story was written by the Sunday Sport reporter, B. Ollocks.


I'll leave you to draw your own conclusions.


George Vernon categorically denies all of these bizarre claims. Having spoken to him on a number of occasions on the telephone, and having met and interviewed him at his home, I have to say that I believe him. His story is compelling and coherent, and has remained consistent throughout my investigations, even though the terrible traumas he has suffered over the past seven or eight years have taken their toll. Though fully cognizant, George is now in fragile mental health. Nevertheless he is determined to clear his name and get to the truth of what really happened on the night of 25th/26th July 1990.


In brief, George's story begins with the mysterious deposit of some 10,000 in his bank account. This occurred shortly after he was involved in a car accident in December 1985. According to George, all he can recall about the accident is being picked up by an 'ambulance crew' and an 'ambulance man' bending over him, touching his forehead and asking his name. For some reason that, at the time, even George could not fathom, he replied: 'Merlin.'


Some short time following the accident George became inspired to invent a board game based on astrology and megalithic sites, such as Stonehenge, but he did not have the money to do this. The next thing he knew 10,000 had been deposited in his bank account. To this day he has no idea where the money came from. When questioned about this his bank manager explained that there was no mystery attached to the deposit - George had taken out a personal loan and must have forgotten that he had done so. When asked to produce evidence of the loan - a signed document of some kind - the bank was unable to do so, however.


Bemused by this rather mysterious set of circumstances, in October 1988 HTV News revealed that they too had investigated the deposit: as it turned out, their findings differed slightly from George's own account. In a two-and- a-half-minute segment correspondent Jonathan Meredith reported that, when questioned, Lloyds Bank had admitted to having made a sizeable blunder - their computer had deposited the 10,000 in George's bank account by mistake!


As a consequence, Lloyds were now treating the so-called 'mistake' as a personal loan and expected George to pay it all back. In the meantime, however, George had treated himself to a holiday in Greece with some of the money, while the balance had been invested in the development of his board game. In short, he no longer had the 10,000.


And here's another twist. While travelling back from Greece, George was stopped by Customs officials and questioned about the sizeable amount of cash he was carrying. When George attempted to explain that the money had mysteriously appeared in his bank account he was arrested and held for further questioning; he spent the entire weekend in custody while the CID endeavoured to trace the money - where it had come from, who had been responsible for the deposit, etc. The strange thing is that the CID drew a complete blank; they could not find any details as to where the money had come from or who had deposited such a large sum in George's bank account. George was subsequently released without charge.


'I had to sign a statement that said they could go through my account to find out where the money came from,' George told me. 'But even the CID couldn't find out where the money came from, so they let me go.'


In the meantime George followed his inspiration and invented his new board game. The reason I mention the board game is because it plays a very central role in the plot, and the mysterious deposit of such a large sum of money in his bank account certainly suggests that perhaps someone wanted him to create this new board game very badly. Why this should be so remains to be seen. Perhaps what happened next may throw some light on the mystery . . .


... On the night of the now infamous Operation Blackbird 'hoax' (25th/26th July 1990) George Vernon happened to be in Wiltshire (he was a removals man and was working in Wiltshire on the day in question).  So far as George is concerned, what happened to him that night not only changed his life completely, it virtually destroyed him. That evening, at around 11:30 p.m., George says that a 'voice' or an 'inner communication' told him to drive to a particular place and a particular field, which he did.


'I was driving the van and this thing came in my head to go to Bratton, to turn left, to turn right... it was about 11:30 p.m. and I was told to turn left and go over a little bridge, and drive about four hundred yards. Then the engine cut out. I pulled into the grass verge by a farmhouse gate and I was told to get out of the van. I wasn't scared at this point. I was being controlled, totally taken over.'


It just so happened that this field in which George had 'arrived' (and in which he now stood, in Bratton, Wiltshire) bordered part of the perimeter of the operation's cordoned-off surveillance area, although George had no idea that this was the case. Indeed, he had no idea that Operation Blackbird was even taking place, much less that he had stepped slap-bang into the middle of it, and that, as a consequence, his every move was being monitored by hi-tech military surveillance equipment. So far as George was concerned he was simply responding to a 'command' given him by some 'inner voice'. His mind was numb to all else.


So there was George, suffering the effects of what might be described as an 'altered state', standing in a field at midnight in the middle of Wiltshire because he had been ordered to do so by an 'inner voice'. Sounds bizarre, I know. It gets even more bizarre.


Next, George was suddenly confronted by a human-like 'being' who, he says, came out of the bushes and proceeded to make contact with him 'telepathically'. He asked George his name, to which George once again replied: 'Merlin.' But what is strange is the fact that, when George asked the being its name, it replied: 'I am Merlin, too.'


George told me: 'I climbed over the fence and this being came out, this shape, this black shape ... it was a little bit smaller than me and I couldn't see a face. It was human-shaped. It climbed the fence ... it did everything human.'


The being then instructed George to fetch six of his board games from his van (wrongly described as 'Ouija Boards' by the press) and to place one at the centre of each of the six crop circles which were, by this time, present in the field. This George did. The being also ordered George to place some stones in the circles which, again, he did. By this time, however, George was becoming frightened, and so he also placed a wooden cross in one of the circles 'as a protection'. The wooden cross was later described by the press as 'evidence of some kind of ritual', which indeed it was not, and 'roughly made', which indeed it was. George had fashioned it there and then out of his own staff - the staff he used when marketing his board game under the guise of 'Merlin'. He simply snapped the staff in two and placed it in the form of a cross in one of the six circles.


According to George, the circles - which later became known as the 'Bratton Castle Hoax', or the 'Operation Blackbird Hoax' - had just been made by the being and his 'colleagues', and not by some arbitrary team of hoaxers. Perhaps one interpretation of this might be that they had been made by the 'special forces' military (SAS) to whom this being belonged, and who were there - as Corporal Darren Cummings had already confided to the press - as part of a pre-planned operation to 'prove that they [the crop circles] are caused by people'.


Indeed, considering this formation was so well-made, and that it was manufactured in the space of approximately one hour, it is highly improbable - indeed impossible - that one man (George Vernon) could have made it by 'rolling around in the corn', as the Sunday Sport subsequently claimed. It is equally improbable that it was made by a team of drunken young farmers after a night at the local pub, or even by a team of practised hoaxers for that matter - who, it should be said, were not nearly so practised in 1990 as they are today (bless their tiny little agendas).


Another possibility at the time was that the hoax had been made by the pop group KLF, who in the same year had created a hoaxed formation in the form of a pyramid crossed by a large ghetto blaster, the band's logo; film of this formation was later used in the promo video for their single What Time Is Love.


The reason KLF were suspected of creating the Blackbird hoax was that on the day following Colin Andrews's ill-fated TV announcement he received a letter that seemed to have been sent by the band's members. 'Colin,' the letter read. The circles on Wednesday were just a hoax, but we can't help to play jokes. Inconvenience caused? We're sorry. Catch us, you'll have to hurry. Yours, in total control, the Justified Ancients of Mu-Mu - the JAMMs. Try not to worry too hard. We find it very funny while you sit back and rake in the money.'


Although it is known that KLF members Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauti (alias the JAMMS) expressed a healthy interest in what they termed the 'landscape art' aspect of the crop circle phenomenon, and that they paid farmer David Read 350 to create the now-famous 'pyramid and ghetto blaster' formation on his land, it is highly unlikely that they were responsible for either the letter to Colin Andrews or the Blackbird hoax.


Indeed, when George Wingfield spoke to the band on the telephone they categorically denied involvement, period, an uncharacteristically discreet disavowal for a pop group (any publicity is good publicity) unless of course it was true. And in any case, it is known that the 'pyramid and ghetto blaster' formation took them six hours to make in broad daylight. The Blackbird hoax consisted of six circles and was made in approximately one hour in the dead of night - and under the watchful eye of the military.


Every indication, then, points to the fact that this was a pre-planned operation performed with military precision, SAS precision, and that George Vernon, Colin Andrews, Pat Delgado et al were destined from the very beginning to be the fall guys.

Back to the plot. . .


According to George Vernon, the being that confronted him was about six feet tall, dressed all in black with a blackened face, and was somehow able to reach inside his mind and take control. As if by some form of 'mental hijack' this being was able to lead George across two more fields towards a railway embankment, George following behind like an obedient puppy, unable to break the grasp this being seemed to have on his mind. Despite the fact that the being had a human-like build and, according to George, walked like any human might walk (and indeed, had to climb over fences and stiles in the same way as any human would) George believes to this day that the being was a 'spirit' or an 'alien' of some kind. But then, George - like most people - has little idea of what the military is these days capable of, much less the motives for executing this kind of covert operation. Perhaps understandably he is also reluctant to accept the possibility that the military might be working with aliens (or at least with secretly developed 'acquired alien technologies' capable of creating screen memories in one's mind - memories that act like screens to block out what really happened and at the same time replace one's true memory with a false one - see Document 10). But if the military is not working with aliens and/or their technology, then what happened next beggars the very fabric of sanity itself. Because as George approached the railway embankment - still following the strange black being - he was suddenly confronted by a sight that has dogged him to this day. His still-recurrent nightmares are a testament to this end. According to George, what happened next was that a massive black 'craft' suddenly arrived and hovered above the field in which he stood. And then landed.


"All of a sudden, from the left-hand side, looking up at Bratton Fort, this black object came at us at the speed of light, then circled around and landed. It was so fast and silent - I couldn't believe my eyes. The being in front of me said (telepathically): "Stand still." And I just froze.'


In a later interview George described the craft as 'massive, very black, and silent', eerily similar in every respect to the craft described by Mark, the craft that had zapped him and five other soldiers on Salisbury Plain only six months previously.

The jigsaw begins to form a picture, then ...


It seems the arrival of the unknown craft was sufficient to snap George out of his mental stupor, at least to some small degree - enough that he suddenly became aware of what was happening to him and, perhaps not surprisingly, started to become very frightened. In the meantime the being continued to try and coax George on towards the craft which, by this time, had landed silently in the field. But George remained rooted to the spot. When a second being emerged from the landed craft, however, and started to walk over towards him, George instinctively felt that he was about to be abducted. At which point the 'spell' on him came loose and he was able to turn and run away, lacerating his hand and arm on a barbed-wire fence as he did so.


The being approached this black object (the craft) and I saw an orange ball come out of the craft and turn before my eyes into another black entity ... At this point panic set in and I ran like hell from the middle of this field (200-300 yards) straight into a barbed-wire fence . . . when I got up he was there. He got me again.'


Despite his efforts, then, George did not get away; the being caught up with him and, in order to prove that it wasn't 'human', proceeded to 'melt' in front of his eyes, and then reassemble itself. At least this is George's 'memory' of the event. This is also, of course, one of the main reasons George is reluctant to believe that this could have been anything but an 'alien' or a 'spiritual' experience, and understandably so. After all, if what your mind 'remembers' is some strange being 'melting' before your eyes the last thing it will want to be told is that this being was 'human' - that this particular part of your memory is a false one that has been so cleverly woven into your true memory of what really happened that discrimination between false and real is virtually impossible. Of course, in order for this to have occurred George must surely have been 'taken' and 'worked on', at least for some short period of time. And if this was the case then equally he must have experienced some missing time.


Sadly he did. The next thing George remembers is waking up, slumped over the driving wheel of his van with a head full of nightmares that felt like memories, his memories - memories which to this day he believes are perfectly accurate and authentic. Most of them probably are.


It should be added that George has subsequently suffered no less than three nervous breakdowns, all due to this event, and is still on prescribed medication for his condition (although, being teetotal, he normally refuses to take even an aspirin).



Pages: 228-237 'COSMIC TOP SECRET - The Unseen Agenda'
By Jon King, Editor of UFO Reality (UK)
1998/1999, New English Library, Hodder & Stoughton
ISBN 0 340 70822 0




SAY YES TO FRIENDLY ET. If you're not sure - say NO.

Forewarned is forearmed. Don't be afraid: be cautious.

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'Black Triangle, Advanced Stealth Craft - Part Two


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