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Part Two

Link: Part One: 'Black Triangle', Advanced Stealth Craft

Black Triangle Craft & Psychotronics

UFO Reality magazine [UK]  Dec 1996 - Jan 1997:



Alien Craft or Top Secret Military Experiment? Or BOTH?'


World-Action:  BOTH? - It's possible the NWO-USA Black projects have exactly the same 'black triangle' craft as the Grey aliens etc.

Notes by Michael Irving, World-Action:

From the same magazine, UFO Reality (UK), there is an even more disturbing article on Black Triangle craft and Psychotronics from around 1991 when the operation to discredit the wake up message of the Crop Patterns in southern England had begun. It is connected with the TV night watches of a specific field; the hoaxing of a Crop Pattern and the setting-up of key 'Crop Circle' researchers at the time; the total manipulation of one man which caused him several mental breakdowns; and the mutilation and torture of a beautiful, white horse. Some very evil people do not want us to get free from the terrible mess perpetrated on humanity today. Coupled with these details here, consider the nature of the many reports of Black Triangles in England around 1995-1997 when they were terrorising innocent families out on car journeys by closely following them. No doubt the BTs were monitoring the occupants of these cars to test the effectiveness of their psychotronic and other equipment. The most common human emotion was fear and anxiety.



Alien Craft or Top Secret Military Experiment? Or BOTH?'

'Six British soldiers encountered a
large black triangular

UFO whilst on night manoeuvres on Salisbury Plain'




During the winter months of 1989-1990 ....


The encounter occurred close to Dunch Hill Plantation, which separates the well-known Bulford Ranges from a highly secret MoD compound on Salisbury Plain. The soldiers (all names on file) were hiking from a place called Beach's Barn to Dunch Hill Plantation when the encounter took place. A few weeks ago I interviewed one of the soldiers in question. For his own security I will refer to him as 'Mark'.


"It really did my head in," Mark told me, still visibly shaken by what he and the others had witnessed, even though it is now six years since the incident occurred.


"It was weird, really weird. We were about 400 metres from our destination [Dunch Hill Plantation) when suddenly this craft just appeared there above the tree tops. It was massive. And black. Very black. The next thing I remember we were 600 metres away from where we were supposed to be - all six of us bending over a map, trying to figure out where we were and how the hell we'd ended up there. I still can't remember how we ended up that far off course."


According to Mark, the entire manoeuvre was a mystery to the six soldiers from the outset. In fact. Mark's own words to me were: "We all thought what a total waste of time it was." He confirmed to me that his platoon had never before, and never since, been required to perform such a "totally bloody useless exercise".



The soldiers had been 'volunteered' to walk 4 or 5 kilometres, out in the open, in a virtual straight line, from Beach's Barn to Dunch Hill Plantation. According to Mark, although it was around 2 o'clock in the morning and very dark, the exercise was so straightforward they barely even needed a compass. They were told the reason for this unusual exercise was that a reconnaissance unit, positioned around Sidbury Hill (about 2 kilometres northeast of Dunch Hill Plantation) was testing night-vision equipment. The purpose of the exercise was to see if the night-vision equipment could detect the soldiers in the dark.



As Mark told me, he has himself used this same equipment, and it was obvious to all and sundry that, being out in the open, even in the dead of night, the soldiers were bound to be detected. "This night-vision gear is brilliant," he said.

"It's just like looking through binoculars in broad daylight. There's no way they wouldn't have seen us. It was a pointless exercise.


"So what was the real reason behind this 'pointless' exercise? I put the question to Mark.


"I don't know," he said, grimly, shaking his head. "But it sure as hell wasn't to test the night-vision gear. No way. "Could they have been testing new equipment? Could it have been equipment you were unfamiliar with?


"Possibly. But if it was, then the whole thing was even more ridiculous. If the equipment I'd used could pick us out, then any new equipment would, presumably, he even better than the old equipment. It was a total waste of lime."



Following several communications, both by letter and by telephone, I finally went to interview Mark at his home. During the course of the interview he told me exactly the sequence of events that, as I was about to learn, led to what can only he described as one of the most unprecedented cases in British UFO history. What follows is Mark's story...

"The six of us were volunteered from the platoon. We were always the ones that got the naff jobs, but this one was a total bloody waste of time...


"...We set off from Beach's Barn at around 2 o'clock in the morning, the corporal at the front... I was about fourth in line. All we had to do was walk the 4 or 5 kilometres across the plain to Dunch Hill Plantation, completely out in the open. We were told that a recce unit was positioned up at Sidbury Hill, testing their night-vision gear, and that all we had to do was walk from A to B...


"...When we got to about 400 metres from our destination [Dunch Hill Plantation] this 'craft' suddenly appeared there above the tree tops... Dunch Hill Plantation is right next to an MoD area that's sectioned off from the army land... there's a copse there that mark's the boundary of the MoD area...


"...Suddenly this craft was just there  ...it just appeared there above the tree tops. It was massive. And black. Very black. The strange thing was, no one said anything. All of us could see this thing, and yet none of us said anything. I guess we were all stunned, afraid... I know I was...


"...All of a sudden it started beaming down this light onto the trees, onto the copse, where I sensed some kind of movement. There were lights in the copse, like torch lights [flash lights], as if some people were milling around in there. Then suddenly this huge black craft was beaming down this really powerful light, like a search light, onto the copse. I couldn't make out the shape of the craft, but it was massive and black...


"...The night was really dark... it was 2 or 3 in the morning by this time... but the craft was even blacker than the night...


"...It was about the size of a Hercules 130, or even bigger, maybe even as big as a football pitch. But it was just hanging there, making no noise whatsoever. Then suddenly it just took off at incredible speed, still silent, and flew off in the direction of Tidworth [to the east]...


"...The next thing I remember we were 600 metres away from where we were supposed to be - all six of us bending over a map, trying to figure out where we were and how the hell we'd ended up there...


"...We have these red night torches... we were all bending over the map trying to ascertain our position. It was ridiculous. We only had to walk in a straight line - there was no way we should have been where we were. I still can't remember how we ended up that far off course."


I asked Mark if he thought it possible that he could have hallucinated the incident. He said he truly wished that that was the case, but that it was highly unlikely as he'd only had to walk a maximum of 3 miles (4 or 5 kilometres).

He told me that he knew the feeling of 'hallucinating' from participating in longer, 25-kilometre hikes, and from being forced to stay awake for up to forty hours at a time on some exercises. But a 3-mile walk? He also told me that, being somewhat used to night manoeuvres, his night vision was good, as was that of the other soldiers with him.


So far as Mark is concerned, whatever happened that night was a real event, and whatever the soldiers had seen had actually been there for them to see. He bore little doubt on that score.


So what happened next?


All Mark could remember was being picked up by an army Land Rover (driven by another member of his platoon) and taken back to barracks. So far as he can remember, he was not officially debriefed on his return.



It was apparent from speaking with Mark that he had suffered at least some loss of memory concerning the event. He could remember approaching Dunch Hill Plantation clearly enough, then being confronted by what he described as a "massive black craft" that simply appeared in the night sky above the copse (or at least it arrived so swiftly that it seemed simply to appear); people milling around inside the copse; the craft beaming its light down onto the copse; the craft then taking off at incredible speed towards Tidworth; and then... blank.


The next thing he could remember was being 600 metres from his position, poring over a map with the rest of his colleagues, trying to figure out where they were and how they had suddenly arrived somewhere else, 600 metres off course. Then he was picked up by an army Land Rover and ferried back to barracks, where, he made a point of telling me, no one said a word about what they had just experienced. Indeed, according to Mark, none of the other soldiers ever spoke to him about the incident. But what was even more unusual, Mark never said a word, either.


Until later, that is. Much later. Over the years Mark began to recall the incident that seemed to have wiped itself from his memory. The incident occurred in the winter months of 1989-1990, but it wasn't until some years later that Mark began to remember the incident more clearly. The memory of the manoeuvre itself remained with him, of course, but the detail only started to come back to him a couple of years ago, and even then, the finer details were patchy. The time-loss period, however - the period between him approaching the copse and seeing the craft, and then finding himself 600 metres off in the wrong direction - never came back at all.



It was at this point that we called on the assistance of Robert La Mont MICH, a very highly regarded Harley Street hypnotherapist and Member of the Institute of Clinical Hypnosis. Over recent years Robert has helped many 'abductees' to recall memories of their encounters. On hearing of this case, Robert kindly agreed to 'regress' Mark in order to see if he could 'unlock' his missing-time memory.


During the regression session (which I attended) Robert proved to be a very thorough and professional hypnotherapist. I would say he took a good fifteen to twenty minutes to put Mark 'under', so to speak, working slowly and methodically to ensure Mark was completely relaxed and responsive to command. Indeed, from where I was seated. Mark looked fast asleep.


I should add that at no point did Robert lead by suggestion. Rather, if anything, he led by counter-suggestion - making absolutely certain that Mark was telling his own story, and not the story we all may have wanted to hear. What came out of the session was remarkable, to say the least.


Under hypnosis. Mark related the sequence of events that had led to his sighting of the 'craft' - how the officer had called on them out of the blue, with no prior warning, to hike the several kilometres to Dunch Hill Plantation; how their route had taken them across open ground, in full view of the reconnaissance unit allegedly positioned on Sidbury Hill, to the east; how the soldiers had become 'bored', 'cold' and 'agitated' en route.


What follows is an edited transcript of what Mark was able to recall under hypnosis, from the point where he and the other 5 soldiers were approaching Dunch Hill Plantation, their ill-fated though prearranged - destination.



"So where are you now?"  Robert put to Mark.

"I can see the woods... all dark and thick... lights...
in the copse... people milling around in the copse."

Robert then told Mark to continue on towards the
copse, as he had done six years previously.

"Could the lights you're seeing be a helicopter?"
Robert said.


"Is it an aeroplane, then?"

"No.  The lights are in the woods."

"How high off the ground are the lights?"

"They're in the woods... they're in the woods."

"And do you go to investigate the lights?"


"You're not bothered about the lights?"


"OK. Walk on a little bit further."

At this point, Robert told Mark to 'freeze-frame' and 'zoom in' on the lights (Mark had been told that he was watching a replay of the event on an imaginary screen in his mind, and that he had a 'remote control' in his hand, with 'pause', 'rewind' and 'zoom' facilities etc.)

"What can you see now?"  Robert asked.

"Don't know... don't know what it is ...big thing."

"Big thing?"


"Can you describe the big thing for me?"

"Just dark."

"In the woods?"

"Above the woods... the woods are illuminated."

"The whole of the woods?"

"The copse, yeah."

At this point Mark started to show signs  of distress.

"OK, Mark, You're back on the path. Describe to me what
you can see"

"The light's shining on us... I'm cold ..."

"What can you see. Mark? Where is the light that's
shining on you coming from?"

"From above."

"Above? So you're looking up now?"

"Yeah... it's shining in my eyes..."

"And then what happens?"

"I... I can't see..."

Again Mark became visibly distressed; Robert spent the next short while reassuring him.



A few moments later:
"Tell me what you can see now. Mark."

"A yank..."

"An American ?"


"Where did the American come from?

''Out of the woods"


This time Mark's distress became very apparent indeed; Robert again took a short timeout to reassure him everything was OK, that what he was seeing was only a 'replay' of something that had happened a long time ago, and that as such, it could not harm him. Eventually Mark settled down again.


"OK, Mark. The American's come out of the woods now.."

"He's poking at us..."

"What are they poking at you?"

"A stick thing..."


Mark's voice was still trembling; he sounded very afraid, and once again, for a few moments he was too distressed to continue. Once again Robert spent a few moments calming him down.


"OK. Can you describe what this American's wearing?"

"A black zip-up thing... like a flying suit."

"How do you know it's an American?"

"His accent.... he's swearing and stuff...."

"What is he actually saying?"

"F*****g British!"

"And what are the rest of the guys saying?"

"Nothing. We're all backing away."

"How many Americans are there?"


"Just one?"


"So you've got six guys backing away from just one guy?"


"Don't you find this strange?"

"He's pointing at me."

"He's just pointing at you?"


"Describe the stick to me. Mark."

"It's a... pointer... like an aerial..."

"And what's he doing with it?"

"He's just pointing at me... and pushing me and prodding me in the chest."


Robert now told Mark to use his imaginary remote control, and to move through this particular sequence 'frame by frame'.


"What's the American doing in this frame?"

"He's just stood there... but there are lights on us."

"He's on his own, you're stood in a group, and there are lights on you.  Is that right?"

"Yeah. We're huddled together."

Next frame:
"It's like a beam... encircling us..."

"And where's the American?"

"He's outside of the beam."

Next frame:

"We're all getting moved by the beam... we're moving with the beam."

"Where to?"

"To the right."


Next frame:

"We're right by the edge of the wood... by the edge of the copse."

"And where's the American now?"

"He's not there any more."

"OK. Are you actually walking? Can you feel yourself walking as you move?"

"Yeah... shuffling..." 


Next frame:
"We're all being moved by the beam."

"And then what happens?"

"We're all just stood there... with the light on us."

"And the object is still there?"

"Above us, yeah." 


Next frame: "We're just underneath it."

"Can you make anything out as you look up?"

"It's a triangle... black metal... it's not smooth or anything... it's like... wedgy... sort of wedged."




"Whereabouts is the light in which you're standing emanating from?"

"From the middle" [of the craft's underbelly].

"Any other details?"

"Black... it's just dark... at the bottom end it's like an aircraft light..."

"Any other details?"

"We're just covered in this light. It's like pulses of light... directed
at us... I feel sick, dizzy..."   Next frame: "...I'm surrounded in light...
pulsating light... and there's a noise... almost like a generator...
like a humming, pulsating, continuous..."


Again Mark became very distressed. Mark went on to recall how the craft had finally departed, slowly at first, and then at incredible speed, but with no apparent acceleration. He was then able to recall how the six soldiers had wandered off in the wrong direction, stunned, dazed, explaining how they had finally ended up 600 metres from where they were supposed to be.  They had walked, although none of them had remembered doing so.



Firstly, I will offer you Robert La Mont's conclusions.


"My professional opinion on this case is that the subject did in fact have an encounter, along with his colleagues. This conclusion is based on the visual reactions to the regression session, and the following observations.


1: The traumatic reaction to the situation.

2: The apparent lack of communication between 'command' and the soldiers.

3: Identification of the 'ground crew' of the Triangle [American] - because no one was seen entering or leaving the craft, I cannot call them 'occupants'.

4: The now familiar geographical location of this type of craft, close to military activity.

5: The amnesia induced in all the victims, almost instantly.

6: The identification of the small insignia on the left upper chest area of the suit worn by the 'ground crew'.  (Although edited out of this article, Mark did indeed describe a 'small insignia on the left upper chest area of the suit worn by the American', whoever he was.)

7: The apparent 'Philadelphia Experiment' scenario, in that there seems to be no other witnesses to this event, yet the proximity to other people in the area should have produced some corroboration, even amongst the individual witnesses.


I could pick out further findings, but I feel the point has been made."



If Mark's story is true - and there is every reason to conclude that it is - then there are some very serious and pertinent questions to be asked.


For one: Since when did our alien neighbours take to wearing black flying suits and speaking with American accents?


And two: What was the real agenda behind this highly unusual manoeuvre?  To test some new beam-weapon capability, perhaps?


Remember, Mark said that all six soldiers were being "moved by the beam", and it is now evident that the "beam" was in some way responsible for inducing amnesia in its victims. Sound familiar? Do you still think that it's 'aliens' who are abducting and experimenting on people?

I rigorously put to you that, given the unprecedented circumstances of this case (coupled with the mountain of supporting evidence that is now available) the so-called 'alien abduction program' is not the work of aliens alone.

I put to you that it is either the work of some Ultra Top Secret arm of the military-industrial-intelligence complex or worse, that it is the work of a joint alien/government alliance whose motives and agendas are the very reason for all the secrecy surrounding the UFO phenomenon. And either way, this empire must be brought to its knees.

So were Mark and his colleagues used as some kind of human guinea pigs on the night in question? Mark now feels certain that this is precisely what happened. "I feel bloody angry," he told me recently. "Sick ... and bloody angry. I feel like I've been used."


Footnote: We are currently in possession of evidence which suggests that this is not the first time this kind of 'experiment' has been carried out on Salisbury Plain, or indeed, within the military in general. Our investigations are ongoing. A copy of this article has been sent to the appropriate government Departments, together with a demand for an immediate inquiry. We will keep you informed.


Our thanks to Robert La Mont for his invaluable assistance with this case - and don't miss Robert's intriguing article on Page 40, Agents Of The Mind, in which he proposes a pioneering new method in which post-hypnotic suggestion may be used to identify the abductors, maybe even set up some form of dialogue with them!


And a special thanks to 'Mark' for coming forward with his story, especially in the face of possible recriminations. Any other military or former military personnel out there with UFO and/or secret technology stories to tell, we would be very pleased to hear from you. It is our position that the public has a right to know what their government is up to behind the scenes. Of course, any request for anonymity will be readily granted. Ed.


UFO Reality magazine [UK], Dec 1996 - Jan 1997


SAY YES TO FRIENDLY ET. If you're not sure - say NO.

Forewarned is forearmed. Don't be afraid: be cautious.

You have a RIGHT to use your rights.


'Black Triangle, Advanced Stealth Craft - Part One


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