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Sir George Trevelyan


The Coming, in whatever form it may take, is imminent, and is agreed by all

the different teachers and seers who are attuned to the higher planes:



It is for us to awaken

The transformation of man is taking place and is palpably accelerating. If we can but attune inwardly, dedicate ourselves to service of the Divine Will and open the heart to the Christ Impulse, then there is no cause for worry. The only real source for anxiety would be that we slept through these events and failed to see what is afoot. So, like the Wise Virgins, let us keep our lamps trimmed. Individual human initiative and invocation is clearly the essential factor, since spiritual impulses will not violate our free will. The inner dedication achieved, then we may move forward into the unknown, certain that we are being guided through apocalyptic days and that beyond tribulation a new society is coming to birth.

We are co-creators of that which truly is the Body of Christ.
This is the New Jerusalem, and the change of consciousness
could come ‘in the twinkling of an eye’.


Sir George Trevelyan Bt.



The spiritual light and Earth power stored at the ancient temples like Stonehenge and Glastonbury is there and waiting for release. The Holy Mountains are veritable store-houses of spiritual power, guarded by Angelic Beings and waiting to be tapped and used in the service of Michael.


We may look down and with inner vision link St. Michael’s Mount, Skirrid, Wrekin, the Eildon Hills, Glastonbury Tor, Malvern, Tryfaen, Schiehallion. There are many more and new ones to find and, through suitable pilgrimage, to activate.


We may compare this network to a great electric grid. If, metaphorically, the cosmic switch were thrown, power would instantly flood throughout the land. Imagine that, as you watch, this happens. Even give it a count-down:


Five... four... three... two... one… NOW!


It will of course need imaginative co-operation and courage to put this general project into effect, but there are many indications that the activating of The Network of Sacred Sites is an imperative requirement from the higher sources and that it is a part of The Plan.


Sir George Trevelyan






The Planet Has Come To A Crucial Time

By Chief Sitting Bull


Express your wishes and your truths.

Now is the time to express your thoughts and feelings,

your hopes, wishes and plans.

Exchange the information and ideas you have.


Your truths, that which humanity really wishes, have to be expressed.


The People and Ancestors who will come together

shall ring in a return, a turn around.

There will come a flow on earth which will burst the

dark energies surrounding you and your planet.

It is very important that as many people as possible,

in different places, should take part in the Gathering.


Decide where and when and how to gather.

Your participation is required.


This is the beginning of the break we are all waiting for ...

you all on earth, and ourselves, out here.


This is the beginning of the turn around.


Reconnect with your own spirit, the spirit of truth within you. There were made some agreements which need to be complied with. You may be a part of this plan.

I tell you again: your participation is needed.

Now is the time for the truth.


It is time


Tatanka Yotanka, The Sitting Bull






"We are at the final stages now… so as our prophecy says.

Then it must be up to the people with pure hearts that will not

be afraid to help us to fulfil our destiny in peace for this world."


~~~  ~~~  ~~~


The Gathering and the 100th Monkey Effect



The Gathering by Chief Sitting Bull



Welcome and Introduction to World Gathering For Truth


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"We must do what we conceive to be the right thing and not bother our heads or burden our souls with whether we will be successful. Because if we don't do the right thing, we will be doing the wrong thing and we will just be a part of the disease and not part of the cure." ~ E. F. Schumacher

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Words Waken World - 4

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