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Welcome and Introduction to World Gathering For Truth



Mayan / ET Pattern of Eight White Horse Hill Carvings

in Central England, British Isles  ~ By Michael Irving


Mayan 'Tzolkin' shape of main eight White Horses

Click on image for larger version

  260-Square Mayan Tzolkin

Click on image for larger version

In the 1980s, I started looking at the placements of the many WHITE HORSE carvings in the chalk hills of Wiltshire and neighbouring counties, in England. The positioning of EIGHT WHITE HORSES, and numerous ley centres, indicate two large searchlight-like main leylines, coming upwards from the south-west and from the south-east, traversing the general area of Avebury Stone Circle and Silbury Hill.

One great beam-leyline comes down from Ivinghoe Beacon in the north-east (direction marked as 'IVING' in diagram), through the Uffington White Horse, through the Avebury area, and on down, south-west towards Devon, where it goes through a small hamlet called World's End. (Actually, this searchlight-beam leyline comes UP from around World's End Village in Devon. Perhaps the village should be called 'World's Beginning'! As soon as my health improves, I hope to do a better map diagram. The original maps, I had sketched out the lines in, were in a large book of British maps which disappeared some time ago).  You can do a map yourself - see below

The other great leyline comes up from Winchester (direction marked as 'WIN' on the diagram), through the Avebury area, then hits many special places in Wales. I think it ends up at Holyhead (vis 'Holy Head'). (That's correct. This second searchlight-beam leyline originates in Winchester, or just to the south-east of Winchester.)


Westbury White Horse Uffington White Horse New Devizes White Horse

I noticed later on, the alignments of the eight White Horse hill-carvings (around Avebury Stone Circle) seemed to make out the shape of the main axes of the 260-square Mayan TZOLKIN matrix, like two letter Xs, vertically above one another.

Right in the centre of the lower inverted 'V' of the White Horse TZOLKIN, is 'Adam's Grave' and another, large White Horse hill-carving. Adam's Grave overlooks the field where many of the most outstanding Crop Patterns appeared.


Regarding the amazing Crop Patterns, in 1999 several mediums in southern England received the idea that benevolent ET would cease making Crop Patterns after 1999. It seems apparent, the NWO took over production of all Crop Patterns around 2000, using advanced technology, similar to the technology benevolent ET used to make the authentic patterns.

In the 1980s, with much better maps, the two 'searchlight-beam' leylines really seemed to be present, both practically and intuitively.

Some of the White Horses have been made in recent times. However, just as certain hoaxed crop patterns turned out to be uncannily appropriate, so too the White Horse carvers could have responded to something in the landscape when they placed their White Horses. One or two White Horse hill-carvings have been slightly moved during their history; who is to say which is the better situation, they could have been intuitively moved to be in a more appropriate place.


Spending much time peacefully walking the escarpments, fields, and lanes of Wiltshire, between 1986 and 1994, I had a strong feeling (maybe 'knowing') that there was once a large base for benevolent ETs here. This seemed to be centred on the Vale of Pewsey. The early, authentic Crop Patterns led people to this area around 1990, because the first elaborate 'pictogram' Crop Pattern (a line of joined circles, with box and feather shapes, and perhaps 'wheels and keys') arrived in the Vale of Pewsey, just below Adam's Grave, in 1990. Personally, I thought this symbol was "the road map back to the stars" as referenced in the Native American 'Rainbow Dream Vision'. One of the main connections I have had with spacecraft in my life, happened in the Vale of Pewsey in 1993. Details here.


Make your own precision Map for the Eight White Horses

Get a precision map of England ....

(1) Mark in the fairly exact placements of the eight White Horse hill-carvings.

(2) Draw two, projected lines down to the south-west from the relevant two sets of three White Horses.

(3) Draw two, projected lines down to the south-east from the relevant two sets of three White Horses.

(4) This should give you two beam-like shapes, which converge, one down to the south-west, and one down to the south-east.

(5) You can draw a median line through the middle of each of the two 'searchlight' beams.

If you have a good map, and if I remember correctly, you should be able to find many interesting places and features located not only within each of the two searchlight beams, but also along the lines themselves.

In case you are wondering what the three asterisks in the bottom left corner of the map indicate, this is the area where I had a life-changing encounter with three disc spacecraft in early 1986.


Left: Dragon Hill mound (lower, centre) ~ Right: Uffington Castle

~ Uffington, Oxfordshire, England, British Isles ~


The World Gathering For Truth

The World Gathering For Truth is happening now wherever we are by

our sharing with others what we feel and think about life today, and by

distributing information we believe is important.  Our individual

and united actions will lead to a major world change.


Welcome and Introduction to World Gathering For Truth

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